Essential Maintenance Tips For Orangeries

An orangery is more than just an extension of your living space.  Whether you plan on using it as a vibrant space for socialising or a peaceful retreat for some much-needed me-time, it is a valuable addition that combines indoor comfort with the beauty of the natural world.

At Tony Howard Building Services, we understand that orangeries require regular care and maintenance to conserve their elegant appearance.  We’ve put together this essential guide of maintenance tips to help you keep your orangery looking stunning for longer.

Improve Ventilation

Condensation is one of the most common issues associated with orangeries, and this can be particularly noticeable over the winter months.  Improving the ventilation of your orangery can help to manage condensation.  Windows should be opened regularly to promote air circulation, and installing trickle vents can aid in balancing the humidity level.  Managing condensation is crucial to prevent the growth of mould and structural damage, helping to preserve the durability of your orangery.

Frequent Cleaning of Glass Panels

In order to maintain the visual appeal and maximise natural light in your orangery, it is important to clean the glass panels on a regular basis.  Clean the panels using a non-abrasive glass cleaner applied with a soft sponge or cloth, as this will help to avoid scratching.  It is recommended to clean an orangery at least once a month to prevent grime, dirt and algae from accumulating.

Maintaining Wooden Framework

Many orangeries feature wooden framework that can be susceptible to moisture and UV damage if it is not maintained.  To protect the appearance and durability of the framework, regular care is essential.  The wood should be treated with a protective varnish or sealant every two years to preserve its structural integrity.  It is also important to inspect the wood frequently for evidence of rot or pest infestation – check for small holes or soft spots and address any issues promptly.

Seasonal Maintenance Checks

Keep your orangery in top condition all year round by carrying out seasonal maintenance checks.  Inspect the structure in spring and autumn to check for signs of wear and tear.  Damaged seals, cracks in the glass and issues with the framework are all common problems that should be dealt with quickly.  The build-up of water can result in leaks and structural damage, but this can be prevented by cleaning gutters and downspouts.  Minor repairs should be addressed quickly as this will stop them from becoming larger and helps to avoid costly repairs.

Consult a Professional

Although carrying out your own regular maintenance is essential, it is always worthwhile contacting a professional to inspect the orangery periodically.  A professional can identify and handle certain issues that may not be immediately apparent, addressing any problems before they become more significant.  Many specialists offer annual inspections, ensuring all elements from the roof to the foundations are in top condition.


Expert Orangery Installation

An orangery is an elegant and striking addition to your living space, and with regular care and maintenance, it can remain functional and beautiful for years to come.  At Tony Howard Building Services, we install orangeries in Ascot, Egham and all throughout Surrey and Berkshire, bringing your vision to life with our experienced team of designers, builders and project managers.  From the initial design phase right through to the construction process, we will ensure that all aspects are completed to the highest standards, leaving you with a beautiful result that matches your individual needs.

Contact Tony Howard Building Services today to arrange a consultation and discover how we could enhance your living space with a bespoke orangery.