Add Space and Value to Your Home with a Loft Conversion

As people seek ways to optimise their living spaces, home improvements have become one of the most popular ways to achieve their goals. One of the best methods to add value and additional living space is through loft conversions. Loft conversions are versatile and can be used as luxury master bedrooms, playrooms, home offices, cinema rooms, or even additional bedrooms and bathrooms for growing families.

At Tony Howard Building Services, we understand the importance of giving our clients the flexibility to customise their homes according to their specific needs. Our expert builders specialise in designing and constructing loft conversions for traditional, modern, and contemporary homes. A well-designed and constructed loft conversion can add significant value and space to homes of all sizes.

A luxury bathroom in a  loft conversion in Egham

Our builders offer loft conversions in a range of styles, including Dormer loft conversions, which are perfect for adding height and width, and Velux loft conversions that can utilise your existing space with minimal changes to the roof structure. Additionally, we can also build balconies for loft conversions and offer a choice of a full balcony, Juliet balcony or faux balcony.

Our loft conversion packages are comprehensive and comprise design services, project management, quality building materials, and professional construction services to exceptionally high standards. We work closely with our clients from start to finish, ensuring they get the best type of loft conversion for their home.

This additional space also provides several benefits, including the potential for rental income or even helping to accommodate a family member. Considering the value that a well-constructed loft conversion adds to a home, it offers a great return on investment.

Moreover, loft conversions are eco-friendly, making them a fitting solution for the modern homeowner seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Since the construction process of a loft conversion involves minimal building work, it goes a long way in lowering the energy required to construct them, while also making the property more energy-efficient once the conversion is completed.

Loft Conversion - Office

Benefits of a Loft Conversion

  • Adds value to your property
  • Provides additional living space
  • Increases the functionality of your home
  • Offers flexibility and versatility in the use of new space created
  • Provides an opportunity for rental income
  • Great return on investment
  • Eco-friendly option that reduces carbon footprint
  • Minimal building work required compared to other types of extensions
  • Can improve energy efficiency in the home
  • Offers a more cost-effective way of expanding your living space compared to moving

Loft Conversions by Tony Howard Building Services

If you require extra space in your home, call us today for a free loft conversion quotation. We are ready to provide highly professional, affordable, and convenient loft conversion, extension, and building services across Egham, Ascot, Staines, Sunningdale, Windsor, Chobham, Weybridge, and Chertsey. Whether you are looking to add space, value or both to your existing home, a loft conversion is the perfect solution to achieve both goals at once.